Smart Media for Retailers

Confidence that your supplier’s product content meets your minimum requirements.


  • • High quality photography
    • Professionally, in-house produced images are checked and validated to global imaging standards.
  • • Single source of truth increases efficiency and accuracy
    • Reduce duplication within your business by suppliers sharing their content via one platform. Ensures accuracy and consistency. No more going to print or publishing out of date content!
  • • Integration with other systems
    • Smart Media can be directly integrated into your ERP via an API feed. Already subscribed to NPC? If so, don’t worry. Suppliers’ NPC data can be integrated into Smart Media, avoiding duplication.
  • • Customisable information
    • Add extended product information such as country of origin, ingredients, allergens and nutritional data.

The Smart Media service is free of charge to all retailers. Register today to access all your suppliers' product images and data from the one location.

As all our members are different, please contact us for a customised package option:

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